How to choose the correct clothing to wear for snowboarding

Here is how to choose the correct outer layers to wear when you go snowboarding.

1) Check the weather forecast. You would want a thicker mid layer if it is -10 degrees celsius versus if it is a bright sunny day.

2) Figure out what type of terrain you're going to be tackling for the day.

If you need to be hiking uphill and carrying your snowboard, you would want to use a 3-layer jacket.

The main benefit of a 3 layer jacket is its easy to remove the mid-layer as you will get hot and sweaty while you hike. When you get to the top of the mountain, you can always wear the mid layer again. If you're using a single layer jacket which has a mid layer attached, it wont be possible to take off your jacket while you are hiking uphill.

3) For the underlayer which is the layer directly touching your skin, you would want to choose merino wool if possible. The benefits of merino wool is it wicks away the sweat and it is odor resistant. Merino wool is also quick to dry and wont stick to your skin even after you sweat.